What is this?

Emailresponder.eu is an universal online email auto responder application. It can manage auto replies for your mail account. Regardless of your mail provider, online and easily.

Why should i be using this?

This service is made for those with custom mail servers or served by providers without any autoreply function in their clients. Or those still forced to use a software that keeps their computers on. There are many reasons.

Does the auto responder download or read my mails?

Absolutely not. The software only gets the header of the mail to pick the sender's mail address. Not only would be a privacy issue but also not convenient in terms of efficiency: if you've got to check a thousand mailboxes, better do it fast.

Will it work on my mailbox?

While it has been tested on Gmail, Yahoo (it works as long as you give the access to third party apps in your Gmail/Yahoo settings) and Microsoft Exchange servers, Emailresponder.eu should work with any imap/smtp server. At the moment, if the port is 993 then ssl connection is carried out, while for other ports, TLS kicks in. Little differences from provider to provider might bring some connection issues. One of the goals of the controlled beta is indeed to test the application on a variery of mail providers. I hope you'll be part of it :-)

Is it safe?

Let's talk about the definition of safety. If you're thinking about the possibility that who owns this website is gonna give away your personal data, i can give you a sure answer: no. I didn't write this web application to steal people's data. If you mean third party attacks (i.e. hackers), let's be honest: anything online can be hacked. But it's very unlikely. Emailresponder.eu security is taken very seriously and constantly being improved. Penetration testings are scheduled, all the passwords get encrypted so they ain't readable, even in the case the servers get rooted. For any concerns about your privacy, please also read Terms And Conditions.

How it works?

Easily enough, the app is divided between frontend and backend. The latter is a piece of software that checks a list of mailboxes periodically. At every check, it gathers the sender of any new message and replies to it. Once you register, you will be able to manage your mailbox(es). Creating a new mailbox and enabling the responder will push your mailbox in the general checking queue. Depending on the number of active mailboxes, the checking process can take longer but never less than minutes. I don't want to be unpleasant to the mail providers avoiding an overload of connections from my servers to theirs.

Can i keep using my email while the responder is on?

Absolutely. You can use it normally but be aware that deleting messages compromises the responder's ability to determine how many new mails you've received since last check. In that case the responder won't be able to reply, and will just read the new mail number and resume responding at the next check. To ensure all your mails get responded, i recommend to not delete any message from the inbox while the responder is enabled.

Why did you write such a thing?

I went on vacation and was unable to setup an auto reply for my office mail. What happened next was that i spent my holidays writing code and setting up servers. A sort of "let's do it and see" project.

Man the site layout sucks!

Yes. Improving on the frontend side is one of the reasons i started this project.

Who are you?

My name is Davide, i'm employed as IT technician. You can reach me anytime at: info@emailresponder.eu